Let’s Get Out the Slime – Sponsored Video/Post

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Let’s Get Out the Slime – Sponsored Video/Post

When I suggested to my three boys that we try and make some slime that we could try and bash and punch, what do you think their reaction was?  Excitement overload!  Just slime alone would be a fun prospect but throw in some punching and smashing and it was almost too much to ask them to wait for me to get set up.

The ‘how to make this stuff’ is in the New World clip below, so have a quick watch and then GET BUSY!!  I know it can be a bit of a pain, and if you are anything like me you will instantly think of all the mess I will end up having to clean up, but stop!  Think of the utter joy you will bring your kids if you let them have a go.

Usually when I actually force myself to do these things with the kids, I end up having quite of a lot of fun myself.  Just seeing the happy smiles and the delight they got from this was enough for me.  So glad I did it.  Plus it easily washes off with water.

So come on Mums (or even better, set Dad a task and get him to have a go, they are big kids anyway and will probably love it too) give it a go.  My husband found it so hard to resist, he had to get involved.

Here are some photos of my boys and the fun we had making slime at our place.  If you want to have a go with your kids, all the directions are in the clip below.  I found that I already had everything at home and didn’t even need to go out and get anything from New World.  Handy note: start off with a small amount of water and you can add to it.  We started with way to much water and I needed to use all my cornflour!

Slime-1 Slime-3 Slime-4 Slime-8 Slime-7 Slime-6

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This post has been presented by New World, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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