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| March 21, 2013 | 4 Comments

Thankful Thursday

It is easy to look at others and compare them to yourself, and it is also easy to THINK others have this life thing sussed, whereas you feel the daily grind. How many people can truly put up their hand and say “Nope! I am never envious of others.”

It is easy to see the outward persona people project, but what we don’t see are that person’s inner turmoil, their darkest thoughts. I am willing to bet we all have them, yet we all put on an outward smile for strangers, acquaintances and sometimes closest friends and family. Living in a different country to my closest family and friends that one is easy for me!

You might see the neighbours getting a new car, or doing renovations on their house. Seeing friends buying a new house when you can’t afford your first one. Or an acquaintance getting pregnant so easily when you have been trying for ages! It may be any number of things, big or small. But how many of us sit back and look at our lives and think “Shit, actually we don’t have it so bad!

Sometimes it is hard to see as you are too busy focussing on the bad or the what-ifs.

Revel in the little things. The little hand seeking out yours for reassurance, the hurried kiss as you say goodbye to your partner for the day, the glimpse of your children appreciating each others company, or the glow of the sun going down on the trees over your back fence…

Life does not have to be perfect to be wonderful.

It’s Thankful Thursday where Gratitude is an Attitude!
Link up with some amazing people over at Six By The Bay and share what you are thankful for.
Life is so precious, soak in the special moments…

Image taken on my phone 20/3/2013
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  1. Bec | Mumma Tells says:

    I love this quote. And how right it is. It’s can be difficult at times to be thankful for the little things, but I’m with you – it’s absolutely worth it!

  2. ann says:

    I love this quote, love love love it. Although I think perfect would be boring!!

  3. Mine and Me says:

    I loved this post! I am very guilty of this, so much so that 2013 is my year of not “wanting” and just appreciating all of the blessings that I already have. The inspirational quote in you blog says it all!

  4. Leigh says:

    Oh so true!!!! I think we all have moments where we are jealous of others but yes, the trick is to stop and be grateful for what we have. I try to do this often. Thanks for linking up xxxxx

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