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I have to tell you about Snow Planet, and how blown away I am with their wonderful service and basically what an amazing place it is (and they are NOT paying me to say this).


Over term one, I took my two eldest along each fortnight as part of a homeschooling group, so that they can learn to ski and snowboard.  My middle son, Ollie, is autistic and just five years old.  I was a bit concerned letting him venture out on the snow without me.  I, of course, had to watch from the fabulous restaurant area with little Eli who isn’t old enough yet to start lessons.  I didn’t need to worry because Ollie’s instructor was just amazing!  Ryan treated my little man with huge respect (like getting down to his level when speaking to him) which made me feel so at ease.  Ryan made sure to “show” Ollie, instead of just “telling” him how to ski, as language is a massive issue for Ollie.  The staff that help hand out the equipment like the boots and helmets are super friendly too, making the experience great from beginning to end for the boys.


So, while the boys are out carving up the snow, I get to enjoy a coffee made by the lovely lady at the bar. What’s even better, is that because it looks out over the snow, I can keep an eye on the big boys. Even Eli, my little two year old, gets to enjoy the kids play area.  Basically, everyone is happy!

My boys and I really look forward to our fortnightly trip to Snow Planet and would highly recommend heading up for some fun on the snow.  Remember, you can hire everything there, but if you have beanies, waterproof gloves, pants and jackets, take them along.  Dress up warm because it is super cold out on the snow.

I absolutely LOVE that at Snow Planet a child is aged up to 16 years old! So the child prices last lots longer than most other places.  There are lots of different options from just ‘snow play’ with under six year olds, tubing or grab some lessons.

Check out their website for all the options here


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