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[Product Review]

Who doesn’t love an ice block? And who would pass up the opportunity to review a new brand on the streets, when it involves 6 of the coolest (<– get it?) flavours around? Not me that’s for sure.

When I told my little guys I was picking up a sample box of gourmet ice blocks from Nice Blocks so we could have a taste and talk about them, they literally jumped in the air with glee. Then every day until I picked up said ice blocks I was greeted every morning with “Are we going to get the Nice Blocks today?”. They are ice block junkies and will choose an ice block over most other after dinner offerings.

The story of Nice Blocks is a simple one. Created by Tommy and James… Dad’s who “both wanted something good we could eat ourselves, and give to our kids on a hot as day.” But Nice Blocks don’t just taste good they are good. They are Fairtrade and use fairtrade cocoa and raw sugar from South America as well as the most locally sourced organic and spray free fruit they can find.

We were given the opportunity to sample their Summer flavours:


Now not being a born and bred kiwi the flavour of Feijoa is a weird one for me, but my 5 year old LOVED it while I tucked into an old favourite Raspberry Lemonade, so refreshing! The Cola and Lemonade with a dash of Lime were both amazing, but the kids found these a little strong in flavour. But I am a big lime fan and thought the “dash” was spot on and the Cola is made with real cola nut and is so much better than your standard cola.

But the big hits were the Vanilla and Chocolate – both with Samoan Coconut Cream. One word YUM! Not that I got much of a look in! I shall let the photos speak for themselves.

I think that says it all.

No doubt you will see a Nice Blocks branded fridge in a cafe or market near you soon as they are spreading far and wide, so I think you should definitely do yourself a f(l)avour. 😉
A list of stockists can be found on their website. But keep an eye out in Auckland for a Nice Blocks cart and you may be able to sample other limited edition flavours. Keep up to date on where they’ll be and when via their Facebook page.

They certainly are Summer on a stick!

Win yourself a box of 24 ice blocks from Nice Blocks by entering our New Zealand’s Favourite Holiday Spots Photo Competition… check out our competitions page for details from February 1st.

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